31 August 2009

Moonless Night.

I got some work done early today so I decided to quickly color this piece from my Adirondack sketchbook.

Adirondack sketchbook.

Daisy and I vacationed in the Adirondacks (specifically the Lake Placid and Saranac areas) and here are a few pages from my sketchbook. I foolishly started it in very thin pen (01 or 02) and felt like I had to stick with it. Please be kind while looking at these, I did them without any pencil and I have done no spelling or fact checks so I may come across as an idiot.

After watching the olympic Aerialists train and do their show, I had some of them autograph my sketchbook (below). I thought it was pretty funny that the only one to sign the actual drawing was a bob sledder who just happened to be there that day.

I later found out this bird below was actually a Chickadee.

I actually did the below sketch on a return trip from DC. I quickly drew people as the zoomed by us. It was a fun exercise so I thought I'd throw it in here.

I can't remember why I drew these bears. I was probably wishing I was in Yellowstone, which is how I spend a good 25% of each day.

12 August 2009


I was requested to draw a hidden picture for Highlights with a polar bear theme. For whatever reason I decided to go with a more realistic feel. Given the threatening overtones of this sketch I really wasn't sure if it would get approved but to my surprise they approved of the sketch and I went to a finish. It's now 3 years later and I'm still not sure if this ever went to print, perhaps the editors didn't like it after all!

Unfortunately I never scanned in the finished line art to this one so what you're seeing is the finished sketch.

You can get a set of Highlights Hidden Picture books right here.

11 August 2009

More Scenarios.

These are part of a series of illustrations that I work on for Psycholinguistic Technologies' Sentence Shaper 2. What was nice about this run was the fact that I was asked to use a wide screen format. The characters needed to remain centralized in the composition and the backgrounds needed to be as simple as possible, but it was still refreshing.

07 August 2009

Special Touch Ministries Banner

Two years ago I was asked to teach an art lesson at a special needs camp for Special Touch Ministries. Since we had limited time I wanted to make sure to do something that everyone could easily follow and complete. I drew this image of Jesus on 20 pieces of heavy stock and disassembled it before anyone could see what it was. Each camper then colored it using anything from pencils to paint. At the end of the night I reassembled it for the campers to see. To me this is a good allegory of the body of Christ: We are all different, bringing with us our strengths and weaknesses but God still uses them all to bring his love to the world.

Special Touch has since gone on to use this image as a banner at all of their events in New Jersey.

04 August 2009

A day off in Pennypack Park.

I can't believe it has been 9 years since I did this sketchbook story but I guess it's just proof that I am getting older. This was back when I was still living in Philadelphia struggling to make it as an illustrator. Pennypack Park is still one of my favorite places to ride my bike and I try to make it there a couple times every year. (Fun Fact: Built in 1697, the King's Highway Bridge, which crosses over the Pennypack Creek on Frankford Avenue, is the oldest stone bridge in all of the Americas. Anyone that traveled north out of Philadelphia used this bridge including our Founding Fathers. I used to wait for the bus on this bridge everyday in high school.)