31 August 2010

New Basement Floor!

My wife and I recently put a much needed new basement floor into our 100 year old house. To celebrate I skated to the tune of the hustle. I don't usually post videos but I think this one may be worth seeing.

18 August 2010

What's Wrong, Southwest Ranch?

Yee-haw! This is my latest What's Wrong? to be published by those wonderful folks at Highlights for Children! It can be seen on the back cover of the September issue which should be available now.

This one really had me missing the Southwest. My alter ego, Ranger Kent, can be seen teaching some kids how to lasso, and my wife's alter ego, Cowgirl Pearl, is riding a reindeer. As previously posted, the famous racehorse, Secretariat, is on the lower right.

The first sketch is posted below. You can see some of the major changes that needed to done to complete this one. Most notably the switching of Pearl and the Ostrich which really did improve the composition. The funniest correction I thought was that the sunbathing roadrunner because he looked like he was dead. I couldn't make myself get rid of him entirely so I moved him next to the birds listening to the boom box in the final art.

Click here if you'd like to get your kids a subscription to Highlights for Children. Don't subject them to only seeing Highlights when they are sick or about to get their teeth drilled. That's not very nice, is it? Be a good parent.

17 August 2010

Summer sketchbookings.

This summer I have been the busiest I have ever been which is why my sketchbook is fairly empty these days. Sure, there are sketches and thumbnails but 90% of them are work related so I can not post them here (plus they are rough, incoherent, and boring). I rarely find time to sit and sketch leisurely these days but I have had a few chances this summer...

The first three here are from Philadelphia's Penn's Landing on the eve of Independence Day, during the fireworks.

Below are sketches from Delaware while on vacation with Virginia, Daisy, and her family.

For those of you who are not aware, a sunfish is a small sail boat.

I will be back teaching in the city in a few weeks so I should have more time to sit and draw weirdos.

16 August 2010

IF: Star Gazing

Earlier this summer my dog and I were treated to a light show each night. Honestly it was hard to tell the difference between the star and the fireflies some nights. It was truly magnificent. I'm not much of a poet but sometimes a drawing needs more than words to explain what I may have been feeling at the time.

09 August 2010

Which Art Student Are You? Cover Art

I have finally been able to get this book finished. Special thanks to my wife Daisy, Anni Matsick, and Janelle Saaybe for helping me with the editing. Grammar is not one of my strong points so I am so very grateful for the help. At this point the only thing left to do is make the grammar/spelling corrections and send it off to the printers.

Thankfully I found some extra time to make a new cover instead of using a collage of the existing art (as I had posted in the past). The scene is a typical freshman fine art figure drawing class at Hussian, although this scene is filled with the best of the worst stereotypes studied over the past 10 years. I choose this rear view because we are able to see the artists' work or lack there of. Obviously not every student is present since it was a Wednesday so Comic Book Student was at the comic book store, Whiny Student broke her epidermis, Disappearing Reappearing Student never showed up, Alien Student was at the snack machine, Returning Student was in court for a DUI charge, Mom Student was running a little late, and the Grade Hungry Student stormed out of the room when she received her first critique.

The book will feature 25 student types (a few new student types have been added if you were wondering where the Grade Hungry Student came from) and a 12 page look at each student some 15 years later.

I'll keep you posted on when the book is available.